Business Agreements and Contracts can be confusing and may contain loopholes.

Practical legal advice from an experienced Solicitor could help you prevent future business problems at a relatively low cost, instead of incurring the time, expense and stress of solving Business problems in the future. We will advise and guide you through your Business matter, including:

  • Contract Check
  • Prepare the Contract and Disclosure Statement
  • Prepare the Lease (Retail/Commercial)
  • Negotiate changes to the Contract and Lease
  • Apply for the Transfer of Lease
  • Communicate with the Vendor/Purchaser, Agent, Lender, Mortgage Broker, etc
  • Prepare Agreements (Franchise/Partnership/Shareholder/Service/Goods/Non-Disclosure, etc)
  • Carry out Searches
  • Apply for the Health Inspection
  • Apply for the Transfer of Health/Food/Liquor Registration
  • Prepare the Statement of Adjustments
  • Prepare the Cheque Directions
  • Arrange Settlement and Release of Keys to the Purchaser


Buying or Selling a Business comes with many costs like adjustments, agents’ fees, searches, security bond, reinstatement charges, stock, employment costs, etc. Our fixed price services allows you to obtain great legal services with no hidden costs or surprises.


Buying or Selling a Business is a complex process and can be confusing. Our personalised services allows you to contact a Solicitor directly by phone or email as many times as you wish.


Buying or Selling a Business can be very stressful, especially if it is your first time. Our Expert Solicitor has the knowledge and experience to guide you from Contract to settlement with minimum stress.